Industry, creation and talent are only some of the words coming to the mind when giving a look to Verneland. Exhibited in a book and a poster, with the retrofuturism and the stempunk in the horizon, Verneland  is the capture and documentation of a video construction in a Stop Motion, where the knots, screws, bolts and other hardware shop elements are the main characters. Verneland has the past, the present and the future as perspective, that is why, beyond the graphical concept,  reused stuff, exclusively shown in a novel and non common way, were used for its creation.  The volume main claim is to show in a detail way, the film creation process (which shows the spontaneous born of a new calligraphy), making special emphasis in the careful elements selection, under some strict aesthetic criteria, which allow its artistic development. At the same time, and considering the image as the core of the book, this is complemented in a solid way, with a text where its construction is registered and explained. Verneland is a fantasy space, that remembering past times, construct, giving life to disuse elements, an interesting graphic and audiovisual proposal.

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