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Camilo Duque with his clothing brand DUC, is one of the young independent fashion designers in Bogotá. This project, is a fashion catalogue of his 2013 summer and spring collection. Trying to teach unreliability and exclusiveness, the catalogue is included in  a hard covering book, in golden paper with black ink, is presented in a black chamois covering and brilliant adornments. Inside it, the graphic line is based on geometrical shapes intended to give movement and a unic design . A series of bow ties is found, each one containing a name and a concept which identifies them, trying to have a more understandable and organized presentation of the product; the text is divided following DUC trademark lineaments, in two general sections; in the first one “Dandy Boy”, the bowties formal and outstanding line is shown, and in the second one, “Mighty Boy”, the juvenile and urban line of the bowties are also shown.

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