How to reconcile femininity and roughness? How to make romance live in the urban life? This is FLORA’s goal. Since it was born, FLORA has already shown collections for the years 2012 and 2013, where fineness, refinement and style on the classical feminine beauty, with independence, modernity, and  audacity of the contemporary woman.  It’s graphic identity, carried out by the same artist, looks for reflecting  the same values and qualities of her clothing. With that purpose, its application to the web, to the trademark documents and the  identification tag, was built. This last one is written in a clear and simple typography, in the search of giving primacy and memory to the name, enclosed with a complementary texture, created based on hearts and flowers icons. Finally as advertising elements , two catalogues were design, referring to the two collections already mentioned; the projection of the project´s aesthetic unity and the trademark consolidation as a novel alternative for youth feminine customers, was the goal of these catalogues.









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