raik leaflet

This  Project, carried out for the cooking Enterprise, Reik Gastronomie, is a series of leaflets where the essential aspects of the company are presented with advertising and informative goals. Reik gastronomie, leaded by the chef Reik Seifert, is a gastronomic services enterprise, specialized  in the cooking work, by means of the vaccum cooking or Sous-vide. In the leaflets designed in the tabloid format and printed in bond paper, a series of photos taken by María Alejandra Muñoz are found; besides, specific information about the construction and cooking  process of three different dishes is also found. By means of an impeccable use of a very wide chromatic scale (as in CMYK as in black and white) It is intended to make emphasis in the  cooking technique own processes and the products development. It is also carried out trying to foster the enterprise corporative progress with the purpose of teaching and charming  the future customers.




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